Tuesday, August 1, is World Lung Cancer Day. Raise awareness and hope for the 2M people diagnosed with lung cancer worldwide each year. Be a part

Voice of Hope: LCFA’s Speakers Bureau

Individuals who have firsthand experience with lung cancer

They share their stories to raise awareness, educate, and inspire others, providing a powerful voice for people living with lung cancer.

What Voices of Hope members do

Participate in LCFA’s national Media Tour and Hope With Answers videos and podcasts

Work with LCFA’s copywriter on special “Living With Lung Cancer” stories

Participate in interviews with broadcast/print/web-based media

Attend virtual media training workshops

Promote lung cancer awareness and the need to increase lung cancer research funding

Need a speaker?

LCFA’s Bureau speakers are available for interviews with the media.

By honing their communication skills, speakers drive positive change and improve the lives of those affected by lung cancer. The media training received by LCFA’s Speakers Bureau empowers individuals living with lung cancer to become powerful advocates, storytellers, and agents of change in the fight against lung cancer.

Contact Diane Mulligan

M&C Communications | on behalf of Lung Cancer Foundation of America

(720) 273-0927

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