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Maida Mangiameli

Type of lung cancer
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Chicago, IL

Maida Mangiameli, now 74, is a small cell lung cancer survivor who has been in remission for six years. Her journey is a testament to determination, good fortune, and an indomitable spirit. After quitting smoking at her daughter’s request, Maida developed a cough that led to an urgent care visit and an eventual diagnosis of extensive small cell lung cancer.

A harsh phone call from an unfamiliar doctor delivered the shocking news. Despite this, Maida’s unflappable energy and sense of humor helped her cope. She immediately sought extensive testing, which confirmed her diagnosis. Her plans for a cruise to Bali and Australia were canceled, replaced by four rounds of chemotherapy and radiation.

In late 2022, excruciating back pain revealed four tumors on her vertebrae. Precision-directed stereotactic radiation eradicated the pain, allowing Maida to maintain her active lifestyle. She even requested to extend her regular scans from three to four months, though her oncologist advised against it.

Maida’s greatest joy is her relationship with her 7-year-old granddaughter, who keeps her spirit alive. Despite the grim statistics of small cell lung cancer, Maida remains a vital advocate, supporting other patients and sharing her story to inspire hope.

Maida is committed to raising awareness about small cell lung cancer and the critical need for research and early detection. Advances in lung cancer research are increasing survival rates, and Maida’s story underscores the importance of ongoing scientific efforts.

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