Meet LCFA's Amazing Researchers

Meet these leading scientists focused on lung cancer research, new treatments, and enhancing the lives of those living with lung cancer.

  • Jonathan Villena-Vargas, MD

    Thoracic Surgeon

    Characterizing T cell PD-1 response in the tumor-draining lymph nodes of early-stage NSCLC patients

  • Jarushka Naidoo, MRCPI

    Clinical/Translational Investigator

    Identifying novel biomarkers of response and toxicity to immunotherapy

  • Triparna Sen, PhD

    Cell and molecular biologist

    Novel therapies for small cell lung cancer (SCLC)

  • Jon Zugazagoitia, MD, PhD

    Thoracic Oncology

    Developing precision immunotherapy strategies to improve outcomes of patients with NSCLC

  • Vincent Lam, MD

    Translational researcher

    Characterize the immune microenvironment in ALK+ lung cancer

  • Adrian Sacher, MD

    Thoracic medical oncologist

    Identify novel biomarkers that identify patients who will not benefit from immunotherapy

  • Ramin Salehi-Rad, MD, PhD

    Pulmonologist/critical care physician

    Studying the effects of a novel lung cancer vaccine that uses modified cells from the patient’s own tumor

  • Jacob Kaufman, Md, PhD

    Medical Oncology

    Understanding how the specific genetic background of each cancer affects their behaviors in patients

  • Daniel J. Spakowicz, PhD

    Molecular Carcinogenesis and Chemoprevention

    The interplay between gut microbiome and immuno-oncology (IO) therapy responses for lung cancer

  • Haiying Cheng, MD, PhD

    Translational Physician-Scientist

    Understanding of the biology of brain metastases and uncovering novel targets for these dreadful complications

  • Kellie Smith, PhD

    Leading an immunology lab in transformative cancer research

    Immunotherapy in Early Stage Lung Cancer

  • Zoltan Lohinai, MD, PhD

    Pulmonary oncologist and researcher

    Exploring the biomarker potential of the gut microbiome in patients undergoing immunotherapy for lung cancer

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