About Us

Meet Our Founders

At the forefront of LCFA’s mission are its co-founders, individuals who have dedicated themselves to raising awareness and supporting groundbreaking research in the fight against lung cancer.

LCFA’s co-founders, Kim Norris, Lori Monroe, and David Sturges, have been instrumental in driving forward the organization’s mission of advancing lung cancer research and advocacy. Through their personal experiences, expertise, and unwavering dedication, they have created a national non-profit that continues to make significant strides in raising awareness, challenging stigma, and supporting groundbreaking research.

The forces behind LCFA

  • President

    Kim Norris

    Norris has been a passionate advocate for raising awareness about the smoking stigma associated with lung cancer. She has spearheaded campaigns to challenge misconceptions and promote empathy, support, and hope for individuals affected by lung cancer.

  • In Memory

    Lori Monroe

    Monroe was a strong advocate for increasing funding for lung cancer research. She worked tirelessly to amplify the voices of patients, caregivers, and researchers to secure greater support and resources for innovative treatments and improved patient outcomes.

  • Emeritus

    David Sturges

    First diagnosed with lung cancer in 2002, David Sturges fervently believes that research partnered with advocacy are the keys to the development of successful lung cancer treatments - and hopefully a cure. This hope and commitment is the cornerstone upon which LCFA’s mission rests and which it has pursued since it was founded in 2007.

Empowering Hope, Advancing Science

See the story behind Lung Cancer Foundation of America. Learn how one woman’s loss fueled hope and progress for patients everywhere.