Living with Lung Cancer

Hope for lung cancer survivors

Breathe. It’s scary, but there’s time to make a plan, and there are a lot of treatment options.

A Message of Hope

When you’re first diagnosed, know that there is hope.

With all the new treatment options that have come out in the last ten years, there are all kinds of options to manage your particular situation. And there’s so many doctors dedicating their careers to lung cancer research. Don’t give up.

When You’re First Diagnosed

Research Makes Living With Lung Cancer Possible

Major Advances in Lung Cancer Research = HOPE

Research is the key to lung cancer’s cure. New discoveries in lung cancer research result in new treatments for lung cancer patients. That’s why we fund lung cancer research.


Learn how to talk to your doctor

Hope increases with more research.

New treatment options only happen through research.
Fund more research. Fund HOPE.