Understanding Palliative Care

A team is ready to help you along your lung cancer journey

  • A Palliative Care team

    Helps with Pain

    Doctors and nurses work to make sure you're not in a lot of pain.

  • A Palliative Care team

    Looks at Your Needs

    They check on all your needs - not just the physical ones but also how you're feeling inside, your worries, and even your spiritual needs.

  • A Palliative Care team

    Supports Families

    It's also there for your family, giving them information and help as they support you.

  • A Palliative Care team

    Works with Your Doctors

    Palliative care teams talk with your other doctors to make sure everyone is working together for you.

Hope With Answers™ Podcast

Palliative Care: The Untapped Potential in Your Lung Cancer Journey

Explore the compassionate and holistic world of palliative care through this heartfelt conversation with Dr. Sherri Cervantez, Director of Palliative Oncology at the University of Texas Health San Antonio MD Anderson Cancer Center, and her patient, Sally Cain. They discuss the profound impact of palliative care on improving the quality of life for those navigating their lung cancer journey.