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makes living with lung cancer possible

New discoveries in lung cancer research, such as LCFA-funded research, result in new treatments for lung cancer patients.

Because of research, the survival rate for lung cancer rate has doubled.

A bar graph that shows the increase in the 5 year survival rate since 1950.

Improvement of the 5-year Survival Rate for Lung Cancer

# of FDA-approved Treatments for Lung Cancer over the past 20 years

Meet the Researchers

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  • Aparna Sharma, DM

    Thoracic medical oncologist

    Genomic characterization of young onset lung adenocarcinoma

  • Julie Wu, MD

    Staff Physician, Medical Oncology

    Precision oncology integrating evidence-based models into clinical practice to personalize treatment approaches

  • Jonathan Villena-Vargas, MD

    Thoracic Surgeon

    Characterizing T cell PD-1 response in the tumor-draining lymph nodes of early-stage NSCLC patients

New discoveries in lung cancer are happening at a rapid pace.

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Lung cancer research is making significant strides. Find what’s new in lung cancer research for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

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