Kim Norris, President and Co-founder of Lung Cancer Foundation of America

Lung Cancer Foundation of America’s Kim Norris explains what are the best steps to take just after a lung cancer diagnosis. Most important – know that you have options!

In this video, Kim emphasizes there is so much hope now in treating lung cancer. She covers the importance of:

  • Educating yourself – so take a deep breath and just know there are options for you and learn as much about your lung cancer.
  • Educating your doctor – Because advancements in lung cancer treatment are happening so rapidly it’s often difficult for some of the doctors to keep up-to-date with what’s going on.
  • Understanding that every tumor is different – Every tumor is different in every person so testing, sometimes called targeted therapy testing, genomic testing, biomarker testing – so it’s important to find out what’s unique about your tumor
  • The importance of clinical trials – Don’t be afraid of clinical trials. Right now with advancements in lung cancer happening so rapidly. The gold standard treatments are in clinical trials – tomorrow’s treatments today. You’re always going to get at least standard of care but you’re going to get excellent treatment and care on a clinical trial and you’re gonna get the latest greatest