Meet LCFA's Amazing Researchers

Meet these leading scientists focused on lung cancer research, new treatments, and enhancing the lives of those living with lung cancer.

  • Kellie Smith, PhD

    Leading an immunology lab in transformative cancer research

    Immunotherapy in Early Stage Lung Cancer

  • Zoltan Lohinai, MD, PhD

    Pulmonary oncologist and researcher

    Exploring the biomarker potential of the gut microbiome in patients undergoing immunotherapy for lung cancer

  • Kathryn Beckermann, MD, PhD

    Tumor microenvironment related to the response rate to immunotherapy

    Increasing the response rate and effectiveness of immunotherapy

  • Alice Berger, PhD

    Discovering how changes to genetic code lead to cancer

    Genomic Characterization of Lung Cancer in Never-Smokers

  • Christine Lovly, MD, PhD

    Physician-scientist with a special interest in thoracic malignancies

    Improving therapies for targeted molecular groups in small-cell lung cancer

  • Carla Martins, MD

    Principal Investigator

    Exploiting the metabolic heterogeneity of mutant KRAS lung tumors to optimize therapy.

  • Daniel Costa, MD

    Medical Oncology

    Define which mutated tumors can reap the known palliative and survival benefits of approved EGFR treatments

  • Jessica Donington, MD, MSCR

    Independent investigator in Thoracic Oncology

    Investigations into the role of osteopontin in non-small cell lung cancer

  • Goeffrey Liu, MSC, MD

    Medical oncology with a specialization in lung cancer

    Studying of the genetic differences in patients treated with anti-angiogenic agents