Hope With Answers℠: Living With Lung Cancer Podcast

The Hope With Answers℠ podcast is a resource for patients and their families to learn from researchers and doctors on the front lines in the battle against lung cancer. Experts and lung cancer survivors weigh in on the latest treatments and research in an effort to find new ways of managing the disease.

Upcoming topics in our new Hope With Answers℠ podcast include:

  • Stories of survival – patients who faced the grimmest of diagnoses, but are here today. They share their story of treatment, survival and how they are truly living each day with lung cancer.
  • Lung cancer experts – top doctors and lung cancer researchers from around the world share the latest in research and how to get the best possible care.


Each Hope With Answers℠ episode can help you find out what you need to know for your personal lung cancer journey. Through personal stories and interviews with patients, lung cancer specialists, and key participants in the quest for lung cancer research, each episode connects you to important issues and meaningful advice regarding lung cancer detection, diagnosis, and treatment.

Episode 1: I have lung cancer – what now?

Newly diagnosed with lung cancer? Get insight from a lung cancer survivor/advocate, a thoracic oncologist, and one of Lung Cancer Foundation of America’s founders. Find out how a 2nd opinion pinpointed Lysa Buonanno’s specific biomarker and changed everything for her. Thoracic oncologist Dr. David Carbone discusses why a 2nd opinion doesn’t offend him and why he encourages it. Also hear from LCFA’s co-founder Kim Norris regarding her work helping people living with lung cancer access the best possible treatment.

Episode 01: Show Notes

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