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Terri Conneran

Type of lung cancer
Media Market
Charlotte, NC

Terri Conneran was diagnosed in 2017, years before the first FDA-approved precision treatment for her specific biomarker, KRAS. But, thanks to research, there were other effective treatments that help Terri live with lung cancer. Now she is a resource for other lung cancer patients. That is when she is not in the middle of remodeling her kitchen. Or when she hosting her annual Fantasy Football Draft with her very competitive family.

When she was first diagnosed, Terri looked for a group of lung cancer patients with the same biomarker she has. When she didn’t find one, Terri took on the task of organizing the KRAS-Kickers herself.

“Those of us in the lung cancer community are living with this silent disease growing within us and we need to give it a voice. If I can help one person, my goal is met.”

~ Terri Conneran

Terri has been a guest on several Hope With Answers: Living With Lung Cancer Podcast episodes and In a 3-part Hope With Answers Video series about the KRAS biomarker in lung cancer, Terri Conneran interviewed researcher Dr. David Carbone from The Ohio State University James Cancer Center. They go over what treatments are “standard of care” for KRAS positive lung cancer patients and what treatments are currently in trials and will, hopefully be available in the near future.

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