Terri Conneran, Dr. Jacob Kaufman

In this video about KRAS biomarker lung cancer you will learn the answers to these questions:

Who should I see for treatment for my KRAS Biomarker lung cancer?

What should I make sure I know before I see a thoracic oncologist?

Which kind of treatment should I expect for my KRAS Biomarker lung cancer?

Please expalin “cancer stage.”

Does the stage of my cancer make a difference in what treatment I get?

KRAS Biomarker and Lung Cancer

Dr. Jacob Kaufman, of The James Cancer Center at Ohio State University, recommends that all lung cancer patients find a lung cancer specialist (called a thoracic oncologist) as a part of their care team. Lung cancer specialists are your best option when you are looking for someone who knows what the very latest in lung cancer research is doing for KRAS biomarker lung cancer patients.

Your lung cancer treatment for KRAS biomarker cancer will be based on what stage your lung cancer is at. Stage 1 lung cancers are often treated by surgically removing the tumor. Stage 1 means that the cancer hasn’t traveled outside the lung. Since a stage 1 patient won’t have other cancer sites to treat, removing the tumor is an effective treatment. On the other hand, Stage 4 lung cancer means that there are multiple parts of the body with lung cancer tumors. For Stage 4 KRAS positive lung cancer patients, the treatment may be immunotherapy or chemotherapy or, for a subset of KRAS mutation lung cancer patients, it could be a treatment that targets only the KRAS-positive tumor and leaves healthy tissue alone. The first FDA approved treatment that targets KRAS biomarker lung cancer is approved for the subset of KRAS patients who have have the sub-mutation of G12C.

KRAS Biomarker and Lung Cancer Specialists

With researchers rapidly discovering new treatment options for lung cancer patients, it is very important to seek out an oncologist who specializes in lung cancer. As Dr. Kaufman says,

“Having a specialist involved is always a good idea.”

In this KRAS Hope With Answers℠ video, Terri Conneran, a KRAS-positive lung cancer patient and advocate, asks Dr. Kaufman important questions about KRAS biomarker lung cancer. Dr. Kaufman’s explanations dive into the latest in treatment options for KRAS biomarker lung cancer patients.

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