Meet the Investigators

These scientists dedicate their professional lives to the study of lung cancer. The name for these scientists is “investigators.” Some Lung Cancer Investigators look for new medicines for lung cancer. Some look for ways to recognize lung cancer earlier. All work to find ways to help lung cancer patients live longer, fuller lives.

Some of the investigators here specialize in small cell lung cancer. They are working to find new treatments for better small cell lung cancer survival rates.

Other investigators here specialize in non-small cell lung cancer. Some are working to find new treatments to “target” mutational changes in cancer cells. These mutational changes include ALK, EGFR, ROS1 and more.

There are also investigators listed here who work in the field of immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is the latest exciting research breakthrough for lung cancer. Immunotherapies stimulate or use a person’s own immune system to attack cancer cells.

Each of these scientists has a unique story. Watch as they explain how their research helps lung cancer patients.