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James Hiter

In 2016, then 46-year-old James Hiter was a streaker. No, James does not spend his time naked, rather he is an avid runner. In fact, at the time of his diagnosis, he was on day 764 of a running streak – that’s 764 straight days of hitting the pavement. And then he came down with bronchitis. 

His doctor ordered a chest x-ray, to check for pneumonia. James did not have pneumonia, but he did have two masses in the lowest lobe of his right lung. That day ended his streak and changed his life and perspective forever. James had surgery to remove one lobe of his right lung where it was discovered that lobe contained a lung cancer tumor. As a lifelong never-smoker, he had lung cancer. He had experienced none of the typical symptoms of lung cancer – a persistent cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, and others.

James has been a guest on several Hope With Answers: Living With Lung Cancer Podcast episodes:

An all-around nice guy, James has also created a non profit, Streak For a Cure,  designed to raise awareness to the fact one only needs lungs to get lung cancer, as well as to raise money for research.

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