AJ Patel, James Hiter, and Frank McKenna

It’s no secret that lung cancer affects a patient’s entire community: family, friends, co-workers and more. Learning to live with lung cancer is its own challenge, especially for men. Hear from three guys who found their own patient voice, and help others find theirs, as they tackle living with lung cancer in unique and powerful ways.

Accepting the Challenges As Men Living with Lung Cancer

AJ Patel, James Hiter, and Frank McKenna have been living with lung cancer for a number of years. Thanks to research and new treatments, they have the experience and commitment to help others facing the same shocking diagnosis. However, they each have unique journeys and different approaches mentally.

AJ, James, and Frank are part of LCFA’s Speakers Bureau. They are using their voice to get the word out there for more lung cancer research. They have shared their story on the LCFA’s website, participated in fundraising events and appeared on some of the podcasts to let people know that there are other guys out here that are willing to help other men living with lung cancer.