Dr. David Carbone, The Ohio State University

Marta Kauffman, LCFA Board Member

Dr. Triparna Sen, LCFA Young Investigator

Dr. Jarushka Naidoo, LCFA Young Investigator

Dr. Alice Berger, LCFA Young Investigator

Dr. Christine Lovly, LCFA Young Investigator

LCFA’s driving mission is to fund lung cancer research grants, the critical early-stage research that paves the way to much bigger funding for treatment breakthroughs and clinical trials. Our Young Investigators grant fund this cutting-edge research that is leading to some of the most exciting, innovative lung cancer research that will ultimately lead to saving lives and helping people living with lung cancer live longer, healthier lives. Listen in to a fascinating behind-the-scenes conversation with LCFA’s founders and the head of its scientific advisory board about the importance of this funding in the fight against lung cancer.