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Annabelle Gurwitch

EGFR Exon 21

Los Angeles, CA

Meet actress, activist and author Annabelle Gurwitch. A lung cancer diagnosis was the shocker to the year Annabelle Gurwitch already had going in 2020. She’d written a new book and started as a co-host on a podcast called Tiny Victories. Then, she went to have a Covid test and left with a stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis. Annabelle’s story of an accidental lung cancer diagnosis is a very common story among lung cancer patients. In Annabelle’s case, getting an accurate diagnosis indicating her biomarker, EGFR Exon21. Identifying her lung cancer biomarker set her on a treatment course that is manageable as well as saving her life. Now Annabelle is in a position to “pay it forward” by reaching out to others who may benefit from hearing her story.

Podcast 21-3 Guest Annabelle Gurwitch

Listen to Annabelle share her lung cancer journey on this episode of Hope With Answers Living With Lung Cancer Podcast:

Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Annabelle Gurwitch: When lung cancer goes citrus

Annabelle was a captivating hostess putting her experience from “Dinner and a Movie” to full use at LCFA’s inaugural gastronomical challenge and fundraiser, Day at the Chef’s Table on Oct 2, 2021.