Annabelle Gurwitch

Dr. David Carbone

If an EGFR biomarker drives your lung cancer, there are a number of targeted treatments available that are highly effective. Many times these are pills you might take once or twice a day. Recently, researchers have found that some lung cancer patients with tumors with EGFR biomarkers also have sub-mutations to EGFR. Some of these sub-mutations are Exon21, Exon 19 deletion, or Exon 20 insertion. Finding these new submutations allows researchers to find newer and even more precise treatment options. In the words of Dr. David Carbone, of the James Cancer Center at The Ohio State University, “Biomarker testing has revolutionized lung cancer treatment.”

In this Hope With Answers℠ video, Annabelle Gurwitch, who is a lung cancer patient and an activist, as well as a comedic actress and bestselling author, talks to Dr. Carbone about the new and exciting research that is helping more people who are living with lung cancer to live longer lives and with better quality of life.

In this video, you will learn the answers to these questions:

What do you do with all this information about biomarkers?
How do you know if your cancer is mutating?
How does a cancer shape-shift?