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The immune system within our bodies is very powerful.  But, cancer cells find ways to turn off the immune system. In the past few years, scientists have found medications that can be used to stop cancer cells from being able to turn off the immune system and allow it to do its work in battling the cancer.

Hope With Answers℠ Video Series: Immunotherapy

Watch patient advocate Lisa Goldman in conversation with Dr. Jonathan Goldman, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, discussing immunotherapy and lung cancer. Then watch Dr. Jonathan Goldman of UCLA Medical Center discusses more information on immunotherapy for lung cancer with patient and advocate Janet Freeman Daily.

Meet Dr. Julie Brahmer

Immunotherapy researcher

Dr. Julie Brahmer is a global thought leader working to improve success of and access to immunotherapy.

Living with
lung cancer

Barbara Marder's story

To look at her, 74-year-old Barbara Marder is the picture of health. Learn how she is using her body’s own immune system to attack and fight the cancer. 

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