Lysa Buonanno, Dr. Kellie N. Smith

Discover in-depth information about immunotherapy for treating lung cancer through this conversation between Dr. Kellie Smith of John Hopkin University Medical Center and patient advocate Lysa Buonanno.

This Hope With Answers℠ video answers more questions about immunotherapy as a treatment for lung cancer. Dr. Kellie Smith, of Johns Hopkins University, answers the questions posed by lung cancer patient and advocate, Lysa Buonanno.

Find out more about immunotherapy for lung cancer patients like:

  • Current use of immunotherapy vs future use of immunotherapy
  • The benefits of immunotherapy in treating lung cancer
  • Personalized treatment is the future for lung cancer.

Research has shown that not all patients’ disease is created equal and respond differently. Many clinical trials are underway and looking at #immunotherapy differently than the current #FDA-approved immunotherapy.

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