November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Join LCFA in our efforts to raise awareness of the need for more research and better community awareness of this disease.

Share These Facts for Lung Cancer Awareness Month

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Lung cancer kills
433 Americans every day.

That’s the same number of seats on a 747.

Every 3.3 minutes
someone in the U.S.
dies of lung cancer.

Less time than it takes
to sing Breathless (3:42 min).

Lung cancer kills almost
2x as many women
as breast cancer.

The #1 Cancer Lady Killer
since 1987.

5 ideas to raise lung cancer awareness in November

Help Lung Cancer Foundation of America raise awareness by trying one or more of the suggestions below.

1. Wear the ribbon

Lung Cancer Awareness Month ribbon

Pearl or white – that’s the color of the Lung Cancer Awareness ribbon.

LCFA invites you to be creative and make your own white ribbon.  Or, if you’d prefer, help raise awareness and funds at the same time by purchasing a lung cancer awareness ribbon from Amazon, through their Amazon Smile program which donates a percentage of every purchase to Lung Cancer Foundation of America.

2. Share awareness facts on social.

In honor of Lung Cancer Awareness month, this November share important lung cancer information with friends and family.

We made it easy for you to post, tweet or send with downloadable images and important facts about lung cancer awareness.

 Change your Facebook profile picture & cover photo for November.

  Use the hashtag #lcam and give us a shout out @lcfamerica.

Share a photo of you wearing your ribbon on Instagram
and use the hashtag #lcam and give us a shout out @lcfamerica.

3. Share some exciting new areas of lung cancer research

In the last 5-10 years, there have been major discoveries in the early detection and treatment of lung cancer.

Lung cancer is a leading focus in many of these new and exciting areas of research. Read about 5 exciting  areas of lung cancer research that bring new hope to lung cancer patients.

4. Share a lung cancer survivor story

Lung cancer survivors are a small and very special group. They might have been diagnosed at different stages and different ages. Their lung cancers might have different biomarkers. But the theme that runs through each of these stories is hope.

To celebrate Lung Cancer Awareness Month, meet these 5 lung cancer survivors who have shared their stories with Lung Cancer Foundation of America.

Lung Cancer Survivor Millie Torchia with her familyDo you have a lung cancer story to share?

Send us your story – written or video.

 We’d like to hear from you.

5. Donate to lung cancer research

Lung Cancer Foundation of America (LCFA) is committed to funding “best in science” research that will have the largest possible positive impact on lung cancer patients.

Researchers funded by LCFA are working on projects that range from what causes lung cancer in never smokers to the role of gut bacteria in patients’ responses to immunotherapy and many more. Help LCFA fund the next group of lung cancer research grants.