November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. This November join LCFA in our efforts to raise awareness of the need for more research and better community awareness of this disease.


7 ways you can raise lung cancer awareness and funding in November

Help Lung Cancer Foundation of America raise awareness by trying one or more of the suggestions below.

Step 1

Wear white during Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Pearl or white – that’s the color of the Lung Cancer Awareness ribbon. LCFA invites you to be creative. Paint your nails white, wear a white shirt and pearls, or wear a ribbon for this month.

Make your own white ribbon. Or, if you’d prefer, help raise awareness and funds at the same time by purchasing a lung cancer awareness ribbon from Amazon, through their Amazon Smile program which donates a percentage of every purchase to Lung Cancer Foundation of America.

Be sure to share a photo of your “wearing of the white” for Lung Cancer Awareness Month on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtags #lcam #livingwithlungcancer #lungcancerresearch

Step 2

Donate to lung cancer research

Lung Cancer Foundation of America (LCFA) is committed to funding “best in science” research that will have the largest possible positive impact on lung cancer patients. Help LCFA fund the next group of lung cancer research grants.

It’s easy to make a donation or start fundraising for LCFA – choose your favorite way:

Make a secure online donation in just minutes. Make a one-time donation or become a monthly donor to fund a lung cancer researcher

Create a Facebook fundraiser. Start a fundraiser for LCFA on Facebook and request that your friends and family members contribute to lung cancer research. Facebook Fundraisers also take no fee on donations made, meaning every penny you earn on behalf of LCFA is donated to lung cancer research grants.

Text a donation. Text LCAM to 41444 to make a secure one-time or monthly donation conveniently from your cell phone. (Msg & Data rates may apply.)

Step 3

Share a #LivingWithLungCancer story.

Lung cancer survivors are a small and very special group. They might have been diagnosed at different stages and different ages. Their lung cancers might have different biomarkers. But the theme that runs through each of these stories is hope.

To celebrate Lung Cancer Awareness Month, meet these 5 lung cancer survivors who have shared their stories with Lung Cancer Foundation of America.

Step 4

Join our community

Get the latest news throughout the year – learn about lung cancer research and how research breakthroughs have made it possible for people to be #LivingWithLungCancer.

Step 5

Listen, subscribe, and share the First 7 Days podcast episodes.

The Hope With Answers: Living With Lung Cancer podcast is a resource for patients and their families to learn more about living with lung cancer. Experts and lung cancer survivors weigh in on the latest treatments and research in an effort to find new ways of managing the disease. The series, The First 7 Days, provides a important information and resource to consider when diagnosed with lung cancer.

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Step 6

Share some exciting new areas of lung cancer research

In the last 5-10 years, there have been major discoveries in the early detection and treatment of lung cancer.

Lung cancer is a leading focus in many of these new and exciting areas of research. Read about 5 exciting areas of lung cancer research that bring new hope to lung cancer patients.

Step 7

Share important awareness facts on your social media.

In honor of Lung Cancer Awareness month, this November share important lung cancer information with friends and family.

We made it easy for you to post, tweet or send with downloadable images and important facts about lung cancer awareness.

Change your Facebook profile picture & cover photo for November.
Use the hashtags: #LivingWithLungCancer and give us a shout out @lcfamerica.
Share a photo of you wearing your ribbon on Instagram
and use the hashtag #LivingWithLungCancer and give us a shout out @lcfamerica.

The truth is, each year lung cancer kills more than these 3 deadly cancers combined.

Lung cancer: 135,720
Breast cancer: 42,170
Prostate cancer: 33,330
Colon cancer: 53,200

Sadly, federal funding for lung cancer research per related death in 2021 was just $2,634 compared to:
$13,715 for breast cancer
$6,008 for prostate cancer
$5,123 for colorectal cancer

More funding for research is needed. Advocate for more research. Donate for more research. Remember – if you have lungs, you are at risk for lung cancer.