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Stephanie Williams

Meet Stephanie Williams, the TikTok Star With Lung Cancer, whose goal is to provide a personal picture of her cancer with humor and humility.

In March of 2021, Stephanie Williams had a mild cough with some wheezing. She assumed it was allergies. This lingering cough didn’t go away, so Stephanie brought it up at her regular appointment. When her doctor ordered up a chest X-ray, they revealed a mass.

When Stephanie found out she had a lung mass, she reached out to a lung mass group on FaceBook. It’s there that Stephanie connected with Terri Conneran.

“Terri was my guardian angel. I am not sure what I would have done without her.”

~ Stephanie Williams

Stephanie Williams’s Lung Cancer Diagnosis

In October 2021 Stephanie’s thoracic surgeon removed two lobes and sent out tissue for a biopsy. This test came back with results showing no spread to lymph nodes or vascular spread. Her lung cancer was considered stage 2b after surgery. Then starting in March 2021, she started on chemotherapy.

Knowing how immensely helpful it is to be connected, informed, and understood by other lung cancer patients, Stephanie – in the midst of diagnosis, surgery, and treatment – took her fledgling Tik Tok account to a whole new level. Now, her account largely focuses – with great spirit, humor, and candor – on the ins and outs of receiving a lung cancer diagnosis.

You can follow Stephanie, the TikTok Star With Lung Cancer – we promise you will love her – @rosenylund722.

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