Tejas Patil, MD, Assistant Professor, Medicine-Medical Oncology, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Lysa Buonanno, Lung Cancer survivor, a mother of two, who has ROS1 mutation and is being treated with the targeted therapy.

In this Hope With Answers episode, host Diane Mulligan interviews Dr. Tejas Patil, an oncologist specializing in lung cancer, about ROS1-positive lung cancer. As Dr. Patil explains, “ROS1 is a type of mutation that we see in patients who have lung cancer. It’s one of many but it’s an important one because there is targeted treatments available to these patients that really are not like chemotherapy.”

A ROS1-positive lung cancer, also known as a ROS1 rearrangement in lung cancer, refers to any lung cancer that tests positive for a fusion in the ROS1 gene. ROS1 rearrangements occur in approximately 1-2% of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients. ROS1-positive lung cancer tends to be aggressive and can spread to the brain and the bones.

The hosts also speak with Lysa Buonanno, a 12-year lung cancer survivor and patient advocate living with ROS1-positive lung cancer. Lysa stresses the importance of self-advocacy.

“You have to keep advocating for yourself. Throughout this entire process I think that is so critically important.”

She describes her excitement at being able to join a clinical trial for a new targeted therapy when her cancer progressed.

Overall, the episode provides critical information about this rare form of lung cancer, highlights new research and treatments, and offers inspiration through Lysa’s story. As Diane says, not only do Dr. Patil and Lysa help us understand ROS1 lung cancer, but they also give hope to anyone living with lung cancer.