Lysa Buonanno, patient-advocate, LCFA Speakers Bureau

Dr. Ross Camidge, UCHealth Lung Cancer Clinic – Anschutz Medical

In this clinical trials video you will learn the answers to these questions:

1. What is a clinical trial
2. If I enroll in a clinical trial, could I end up getting a placebo?
3. What is a Clinical Trial for Lung Cancer?

A clinical trial is a means of asking a question in medicine. New lung cancer treatments all go through the clinical trial process to determine if they are both safe and effective for lung cancer patients. Only if they show positive safety and effectiveness results can these treatments be approved by the FDA to treat lung cancer patients.

Many lung cancer patients are hesitant to enroll in a lung cancer clinical trial. Some may think that they could be assigned to a group that receives a placebo (a substance that has no therapeutic effect, used as a control in testing new drugs). But, using placebos in cancer trials is very rare. Lung cancer patients who are enrolled in clinical trials will receive, at the very least, the current standard of care. But, they might receive a new treatment that could be the very best thing for them.

It is important for lung cancer patients to have an understanding of clinical trials and which trials might be helpful for them. Lung cancer patient and advocate, Lysa Buonanno talks with Dr. Ross Camidge of UCHealth Lung Cancer Clinic – Anschutz Medical Campus about how patients can find out about clinical trials that might be right for them.

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