Dr. Jessica Donington, University of Chicago Medical Center

Gina Hollenbeck

Getting Families Involved: What you will learn

In this video from Lung Cancer Foundation of America’s Hope With Answers℠ Series, you will learn:

1. What is the difference between a clinical study and a clinical trial?
2. What are ways other than clinical trials that patients can get involved in advocacy?
3. How can families of lung cancer patients get involved in advocacy?

Dr. Jessica Donington, of the University of Chicago Medical Center speaks with lung cancer patient and advocate Gina Hollenbeck about how to get involved with lung cancer research advocacy.

Clinical Trial Participation

Participating in a clinical trial is one very important way for patients to get involved in lung cancer research advocacy. Gina says, “We need more research and patients need to be involved in clinical trials that will move research forward. The best way is to see if you qualify for a clinical trial.”

Getting Families Involved

Dr. Donington says there are other ways to get involved too. Every hospital has a review board which is required to have patients as members. That’s a very good place to put your energy as a patient advocate.

Hope With Answers

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