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Jane Perlmutter

Type of lung cancer
Media Market
Detroit, MI

Jane Perlmutter, PhD, MBA, has battled cancer four times while building a career helping organizations improve their training methods. Diagnosed with breast cancer at 31, she had a lumpectomy and radiation. Three years later she developed another breast tumor and repeated treatment. In 2015, stage 4 esophageal cancer with liver metastases was found. Immunotherapy shrank her tumors; she is now considered free of disease. After non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) was found in 2022, she started radiation.

Jane has focused her advocacy over the years on creating a pipeline of advocates to address future challenges.

Dr. Permutter has been honored with a Patient Advocate Award for her decades-long dedication to peer support for newly diagnosed patients and advancing cancer research advocacy. Dr. Perlmutter received her award at the 2023 ASCO Annual Meeting and participated in a roundtable discussion on mentoring and career development with ASCO’s other Special Award recipients.