Saving Lungs Behind The Chair

Change the Face of Lung Cancer in Your Community

Help change the numbers in the lung cancer community. Through the hairstylist creative community, LCFA is getting the word out about the importance of lung cancer screening, getting biomarker testing when diagnosed, and the benefits of clinical trials. 

Hear from Kim Kimble

Celebrity hairstylist, beauty expert, and entrepreneur

Kim has devoted her time, money and education to make a positive change. LCFA is proud to have her support for Saving Lungs Behind The Chair.

“It’s important to bring awareness and education to this matter to save lives.”


Podcasts, videos, and easy-to-share resources

Educate yourself to help your clients understanding the importance of their lung health and know the lung cancer risks they may have.

LCFA has identified the relationships between stylists and clients as a safe space where sensitive topics, like lung cancer, can be discussed. You could change a lung cancer diagnosis – making #LivingWithLungCancer happen.

Are you a stylist or salon owner who wants Saving Lungs Behind The Chair training?

Research is changing lives

for people like Sydney and Brandi

who are #LivingWithLungCancer.

Help support lung cancer research.

Dr. Sydney Barned and Brandi Bryant seated.