A doctor’s visit by computer? A second opinion from thousands of miles away? COVID-19 is changing how health care is delivered for people across the country, but lung cancer patients have been at the forefront of using this technology (telemedicine) to manage their diagnosis for years. Listen in as lung cancer patient and advocate Gina Hollenbeck talks to her incredible health care team of Dr. Raymond Osarogiagbon of Baptist Cancer Center in Memphis, Tennessee and Dr. Ross Camidge of UCHealth in Denver, Colorado about how they consult with each other to provide the best care in a model that may become the new standard in a post-COVID world.


Gina Hollenbeck, Lung cancer patient and advocate
Dr. Raymond Osarogiagbon, Oncologist at Baptist Cancer Center
Dr. Ross Camidge, Thoracic Oncologist at UCHealth

Episode 8.2 Show Notes


Episode 07.1 – How to get the right diagnosis, the right treatment plan, and the right team
Episode 07.2 – Do you speak cancer? Learning a new lung cancer vocabulary
Episode 07.3 – Finding a new normal: How to talk to your family about your lung cancer diagnosis & using the Internet wisely

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