Meet 5 Inspirational Lung Cancer Survivors

Meet these 5 lung cancer survivors who have shared their stories with Lung Cancer Foundation of America.

They might have been diagnosed at different stages and different ages. Their lung cancers might have different biomarkers. But each of these stories’ common theme is HOPE – thanks to new lung cancer research discoveries in recent years.

TikTok Star With Lung Cancer: Stephanie Williams

In March, 2021, 37 year old nurse-turned-stay-at-home-mom Stephanie Williams felt a wheezing sensation at the base of her throat. It was annoying, but hardly debilitating. She would find herself coughing mid-sentence and, because it would come and go, she...

A Cough and Lung Cancer: Frank McKenna’s Story

A personal trainer with a bothersome cough In July 2016, 56-year old Frank was in top physical shape. He knew his body inside and out.  So, when he developed an annoyingly persistent cough, he readily accepted his doctor’s diagnosis...

Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Annabelle Gurwitch: When lung cancer goes citrus

It’s Not Covid? It’s Lung Cancer? A lung cancer diagnosis was the shocker to the year Annabelle Gurwitch already had going in 2020. She went to have a Covid test and left with a lung cancer diagnosis. She’s an...

Advocating for Lung Cancer Research

Everyone should be advocating for lung cancer research. 1 in 15 people in the U.S. will be diagnosed with lung cancer in their lifetime. Ivy Elkins is one of those people - read her story. No one gets elbow cancer...

Overcoming a History of Lung Cancer: Jill Feldman’s Fight for Survival

The weight of a family history of lung cancer From the time she was a child, Jill Feldman knew more about lung cancer than the average bear. Two of her grandparents – her mother’s mother and father’s father –...

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