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Lisa James
As Told By Lisa James with Forward by Julie Levinson

LCFA is saddened by the loss of Lisa James who passed away earlier this week in Sept 2020.  When she was diagnosed, at age 47, she had just started a  fabulous new life with her new husband, Preston.  When she was diagnosed with lung cancer she was told she had only months to live.  Right then and there, she and Preston made a decision to show the world what it means to be living with lung cancer.  Lisa truly lived life to its fullest and will be sorely missed by the entire lung cancer community.

LCFA is honored that she shared her story with us.

Spreading Love and Coping with Lung Cancer: Lisa James’s Story

In 2014, 47-year-old Lisa James reconnected on Facebook with Preston, a second-grade classmate she hadn’t seen in 35 years. One thing lead to another, and suddenly Lisa was moving from her lifelong home in Harlem, New York to be with Preston in Michigan. Soon after, Preston asked Lisa to be his wife. Spoiler alert: she enthusiastically accepted!

Lisa and Preston were married in June 2014 in Jamaica. Almost a full year later, Lisa, who had undergone a stem-to-stern physical before leaving New York, learned she had Stage 4 Non Small Cell Lung Cancer. So close to their one-year anniversary, Preston and Lisa faced the difficult challenge of coping with lung cancer.

Lisa James with husband Preston