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New Hope for SCLC Patients

FDA-approved Tarlatamab will give patients with small cell lung cancer a new treatment option.

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Learn more about your lung cancer diagnosis. What questions should you be asking? What are the most important next steps? Know that you have options and remember that knowledge is power.

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  • Jonathan Villena-Vargas, MD

    Thoracic Surgeon

    Characterizing T cell PD-1 response in the tumor-draining lymph nodes of early-stage NSCLC patients

  • Jacob Kaufman, Md, PhD

    Medical Oncology

    Understanding how the specific genetic background of each cancer affects their behaviors in patients

  • Triparna Sen, PhD

    Cell and molecular biologist

    Novel therapies for small cell lung cancer (SCLC)

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Word of the Day


STK11 is a mutation in the STK11 protein and is one biomarker that physicians look for in non-small cell lung cancer. STK11 was first discovered in 1996. Everyone has two STK11 genes (one from their mother and one from their father). If one of the genes is not working, this is known as having a faulty STK11 gene or having an STK11 mutation.