Hope With Answers: Living With Lung Cancer podcast features three dads who defy the odds by living with lung cancer every day

When you think about who might be living with a diagnosis of lung cancer, a devoted runner, a personal trainer, and a vegetarian would not likely be at the top of your list. This group of dedicated patient advocates, professionals, husbands, and dads open up about their diagnosis and share how learning to live with lung cancer helped them grow closer with their kids.

For Frank McKenna, a life-long exercise enthusiast, it was the gift of a new car and the story behind it that helped him start thinking long term again.

For James Hiter, a runner whose streak of daily runs ended at 763 due to surgery that revealed lung cancer, the diagnosis ended up bringing him closer to his kids.

For AJ Patel, a lung cancer diagnosis sent him on a pendulum swing of a journey that’s helped him learn how to navigate the lowest of lows by opening up to not only his kids, but to other men learning to live with their own lung cancer diagnosis.

“Men don’t often get a chance to open up and share their feelings with other guys, especially when it comes to a diagnosis like lung cancer,” said Lung Cancer Foundation of America Executive Director Jim Baranski. “This Father’s Day podcast is a unique opportunity for these guys to share their amazing stories about how their families are at the root of why they’re learning how to live with lung cancer every single day.”

The Hope With Answers: Living With Lung Cancer podcast features in-depth conversations and lung cancer survivor stories. A special three-part podcast series called The First Seven Days is designed to help newly diagnosed patients navigate the scary and stressful first few days or weeks following a lung cancer diagnosis so they can access the best possible care.

Lung Cancer Foundation of America is focused on funding cutting-edge lung cancer research by young investigators, drawing the best and most innovative researchers into the field early in their careers.

As part of its non-profit mission, LCFA also produces the innovative Hope With Answers video series that turns the tables on the doctor-patient relationship by putting people living with lung cancer in the driver’s seat to ask questions of some of the world’s top lung cancer specialists and researchers.