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July 1, 2011 - Release of LCFA’s Personalized Therapy for Lung Cancer Brochure

LCFA provided copies of their Personalized Therapy for Lung Cancer brochure to the World Conference on Lung Cancer (WCLC) in Amsterdam, Netherlands and began distributing to lung cancer clinics, comprehensive cancer centers, etc.

Personalized therapy is an exciting new treatment for lung cancer. It may be used alone, before or after, or in combination with traditional chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Targeted therapies are treatments that specifically target mutational changes in cancer cells. Immuno-oncology is a kind of Immunotherapy that stimulates or uses a patient’s own immune system to combat cancer.

We call this “personalized medicine” because each patient’s tumor has a unique molecular profile. This profile can be any number of mutations that can happen in the genes of cancer cells. Patient A’s cancer may have mutation X, while Patient B’s may have mutation Y, and so on. This means that what works for one patient with lung cancer may not work for another. We are rapidly learning how to use this knowledge to match the best treatment for each individual patient.

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