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lung cancer screening

September 1, 2010 - NCI-Sponsored Lung Cancer Screening Trial (NLST) results published

Initial results of the Lung Cancer Screening Trial (NLST) show that screening with low-dose computerized tomography (CT) reduced lung cancer deaths by about 20%. This study was conducted on a large group of current and former heavy smokers.

LCFA’s Involvement in NLST

LCFA’s Co-Founder David Sturges was the sole patient advocate at the table for this groundbreaking National Lung Screening Trial’s Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB).

LCFA’s Scientific Advisory Board member, Dr. Aberle served as the national Principal Investigator of the ACRIN-NLST (American College of Radiology Imaging Network component of the National Lung Screening Trial). The NLST is an NCI-sponsored randomized controlled trial to compare the efficacy of low dose helical CT versus chest radiography for lung cancer screening.

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