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Lori Monroe WSJ article

June 29, 2004 - Lori Monroe, LCFA founder, interviewed for Wall Street Journal article

Amy Dockser Marcus interviewed LCFA founder Lori Monroe for an award-winning article, New Approach To Lung Cancer: Being Aggressive. A Pulitzer Prize-winning beat reporter, Marcus is recognized for her stories about patients, families, and physicians in the world of cancer survivors.

“Deciding which cancer patients should be treated aggressively is controversial. According to the National Cancer Institute, someone like Ms. Monroe, whose cancer had spread to both lungs, has a 99% chance of being dead within five years of diagnosis, even after surgery.”

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Changes in the approach to treating patients with lung cancer

New approaches to lung cancer treatment are not only improving a patient’s quality of life but are even prolonging lives. Most importantly, get biomarker testing done to determine the most effective treatment.