Alex Hanan

Alex Hanan is in his early 40s; a non-smoking, healthy young man, who exercises regularly, eats relatively well and has a great group of truly dedicated friends.

In January of 2014, Alex was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer.  It was a great shock to him, his family and his friends.

Alex is not who most people think of when they think of lung cancer.  But, people exactly like Alex are the new faces of this disease.

Although it seems like a poor choice of words, Alex is also lucky.   He is among those lung cancer patients who are able to benefit from the fantastic strides in lung cancer research in recent years.

Alex’s doctors, after doing genetic testing, determined that he tested positive for the EGFR mutation and was eligible for the FDA approved targeted therapy drug, Tarceva. Only 1 in 7 patients are genetically eligible for this drug and only 60-70% of these patients see successful results. But, Alex was one of those lucky few.

Alex’s lung cancer story continues to evolve, and he continues to fight the disease every day.  But, Alex, in his own words, urges his friends and family not to worry about him and his lung cancer.  As he always says, “I got this.”