Dr. David Carbone is a lung cancer clinician, researcher and specialist at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center. He’s been working on developing treatments for lung cancer for years, and played an important role in discovering the first targeted therapy aimed at the EGFR biomarker.

For years, researchers knew different factors were causing lung cancer tumors to grow, but they didn’t know why, or how to interrupt the process. Then, a group of lung cancer researchers discovered the EGFR biomarker, which opened the door for targeted therapies that were easier to take, more effective, and led to better patient outcomes than anything used before.

Take this opportunity to hear from someone who had a part in discovering the first lungcancer biomarker. Learn more about the EGFR biomarker from Dr. Carbone – learn what every EGFR patient needs to know!

The Importance Of Access To Comprehensive Biomarker Testing

Biomarker testing is nothing short of a revolution in lung cancer treatments. Currently there are 10 – 12 different things that can be measured about a lung cancer tumor. These results can dramatically affect the type of treatment chosen for that patient. And historically people have said, “Well these two are more frequent than the others, so we’ll only measure these two. And if they’re negative, then we’ll measure another one.”

Dr. Cargone’s goal for optimal patient care is getting the right treatment to the right patient as rapidly as possible. Therefore, it’s very important to measure for an entire panel of these biomarkers all at the same time and before any treatment decision is made. It radically changes the best treatment options for that patient if one of these markers is identified.