Dr. Christine Lovly, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center

Gina Hollenbeck

Setting up a lab, hiring and training lab workers, amassing data for presentation to other scientists is all a part of being a lung cancer researcher. Dr. Christine Lovly speaks with patient/advocate Gina Hollebeck in this Hope With Answers℠ video.

They also discuss the 3 types of research. In Dr. Lovly’s explanation, basic research deals with how things work. How do our cells grow? What makes DNA? She says that Translational research deals with how basic research can be applied to more people. How are the DNA of people different from each other? Clinical research, on the other hand, applies basic research and translational research in a forward direction – applying the research to finding a treatment for a specific aspect of DNA in some people.

Lung cancer patient/advocate Gina Hollenbeck knows that “research is important to my disease and my progress.”

Dr. Lovly explains how researchers work like small business owners, setting up labs, hiring lab workers and working as a team to produce a product – an answer to a research question that has the potential to help prolong the lives of lung cancer patients. .