Dr. Laura Melton, Clinical Health Psychologist at UC Health

Frank McKenna, Personal Trainer and LCFA Speakers Bureau

Living with lung cancer is complicated on a regular day, but the global COVID-19 pandemic is creating an entirely new set of complications: shopping, accessing medical care, and getting some fresh air and exercise take on new complexity. As quarantine fatigue increased, so too has the stress and anxiety about the reopening of workplaces and restaurants.

In this episode of the Hope With Answers: Living With Lung Cancer podcast special COVID-19 series, we’ll talk to Speakers Bureau member Frank McKenna about how he uses exercise to manage his physical and mental health during coronavirus. We’ll also talk to Board Certified Clinical Health Psychologist Dr. Laura Melton of UCHealth in Denver, Colorado to get her best advice on how to navigate the complicated issues surrounding living with lung cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic.