Dr. Sydney Barned, Dr. Jacob Kaufman

In this liquid biopsy in lung cancer video you will learn the answer to this question:

In the future, how will liquid biopsies help lung cancer patients?

The Liquid Biopsy Revolution

Lung cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer and an important challenge to tackle. Scientists and researchers are continuously striving to improve early detection, diagnosis, and treatment and new innovations such as liquid biopsies are providing hope that the fight against this disease is far from over.

Liquid biopsies are a revolutionary way to monitor a patient’s lung cancer by detecting tumor-associated molecules in bodily fluids, such as blood or saliva. This non-invasive approach has the potential to give doctors earlier insight into the presence of cancer in patients – representing a major breakthrough in personalized healthcare for lung cancer patients.

Not only does this method allow for earlier detection, but it also allows the monitoring of changes in cancer cells that can help doctors decide on the best course of treatment based on an individual’s tumor profile. Unlike traditional biopsies or surgeries which involve removing tissue from a patient’s body for analysis, liquid biopsies require only small samples such as blood or sputum.

The Future of Liquid Biopsies for Lung Cancer Patients

As our understanding and capability of using liquid biopsy improve, its applications will become more widespread in helping us fight against lung cancer more effectively. In particular, it has the potential to help identify biomarkers associated with certain types of drug resistance meaning that physicians can dynamically shift treatment plans over time to better meet their patient’s needs.

Too often we see cases where individuals present with late-stage diagnoses due to lack of awareness and inability to undergo screening – liquid biopsies hope to lessen this burden by providing doctors with earlier access to critical information required in order to provide better care and management for those living with this disease. Lung Cancer Foundation of America remains committed to keeping you informed about new developments related to novel treatments for lung cancer so you can stay ahead of this relentless disease and live your best life possible!

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