Dr. Sydney Barned, Dr. Jacob Kaufman

In this liquid biopsy in lung cancer video you will learn the answers to these questions:

1. What information can be gotten from a liquid biopsy and how does that help in lung cancer treatment?

2. When will liquid biopsies be able to be used to diagnose lung cancer?

Liquid vs Tissue – Which biopsy to use?

Once a patient has received a diagnosis of #LungCancer, an oncologist will determine whether to use tissue from the original #tissuebiopsy used for the diagnosis or to use a liquid biopsy to determine what biomarkers are present for this patient. Especially in cases where the original tissue biopsy didn’t provide enough tissue, a liquid biopsy could spare the patient from another invasive tissue biopsy procedure just to determine what DNA biomarkers are present – they will also be present in the patient’s blood.

Sometimes, after a patient has been on a specific treatment for a period of time, new mutations will develop. Liquid biopsies can be used to determine what the new mutations are and then a new treatment may be a good plan for that specific patient.

When Will Liquid Biopsies Be Able To Be Used for Lung Cancer Diagnosis?

Currently, the initial diagnosis of lung cancer is done using a tissue biopsy. It is possible that in the future liquid biopsies will become accurate enough to make that initial diagnosis. This would spare the patients from the invasive tissue biopsy currently required.

But, liquid biopsies are currently used to refine treatment plans when a patient’s lung cancer has progressed on their initial treatment.

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