Dr. David Carbone, Ivy Elkins

In this video you will learn the answers to these questions:

  1. What can a biomarker test tell my doctor about my treatment options?
  2. Are biomarker testing, genomic testing and genetic mutation testing the same?
  3. If my doctor says biomarker testing has been done, do I need to ask more questions to make sure the proper biomarker testing has been done?
  4. Can they test an old tumor – tissue that was removed during a past biopsy?

Do you have questions about biomarker testing for lung cancer? Dr. David Carbone is here to answer your questions.

In this Hope with Answers video, Dr. Carbone explains what a biomarker test can tell your doctor about your treatment options and the difference between a biomarker test, genomic test, and genetic mutation test. He also explains why it is important to make sure the right kinds of biomarkers have been properly tested and whether or not an old tumor sample, taken during a biopsy in the past, can be tested. Listen to his advice to ensure you get the best treatment option for your lung cancer and maximize your potential for success.