Brandi Bryant, Dr. Triparna Sen

In this clinical trials video you will learn the answers to these questions:

What are the most exciting things about lung cancer clinical trials right now?

How do patients find out about clinical trials that might be right for them?

Clinical Trials and Lung Cancer

Lung cancer researchers tell us that #clinicaltrials offer lung cancer patients the treatments of tomorrow today. But, many lung cancer patients need to know the definition of a clinical trial. A clinical trial is a type of research study that tests how well new medical approaches work in people. In this video, Dr. Triparna Sen of Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai talks about how more drugs are being approved as treatments for lung cancer in recent years than ever before. There are many types of clinical trials, but one of the most exciting drug approvals to result from a clinical trial is a drug to treat KRAS-positive lung cancer. #KRAS was long considered undruggable, and it accounts for about ¼ of all non small cell lung cancers.

Immunotherapy, either alone or in combination with other treatments, is another exciting area being tested in clinical trials for lung cancer.

Early stage lung cancer is another area of great interest in clinical trials. Finding cancer early and treating it before it can spread is key to getting to remission.

It is important for lung cancer patients to have an understanding of clinical trials and which trials might be helpful for them.

Lung cancer patient and advocate, Brandi Bryant talks with Dr. Sen about how patients can find out about clinical trials that might be right for them.