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Terri Ann DiJulio

Type of lung cancer
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Philadelphia, PA

Terri Ann DiJulio’s lung cancer journey began at age 44 with an incidental finding during an ER visit. Despite being young and in great shape, imaging revealed a nodule on her lungs, leading to her first lung cancer diagnosis. Over the years, she faced multiple diagnoses and discovered a troubling family history—losing her mother, aunt, and two uncles to lung cancer.

Through nearly 20 years as a lung cancer patient, caregiver, and advocate, Terri Ann has become a formidable voice in the fight against lung cancer. She has addressed the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, influencing legislation and federal funding. Terri Ann also participated in a clinical trial, leading to FDA approval.

Riding to Raising Awareness and Raising Funds

Terri Ann combines her advocacy with a passion for cycling, raising awareness and funds for lung cancer through the Ride Hard Breathe Easy event, where she successfully raised $30K of the $70K total in 2023. Her mantra, “live the hell out of every single day,” exemplifies her resilience and commitment to changing perceptions of lung cancer survivorship.

Terri Ann is a full-time lung cancer advocate who dissolved her corporate event planning business in 2023 to focus on advocacy. She is passionate about early detection and screening, which she credits for her survival. Terri Ann actively participates in various lung cancer advocacy boards and events.

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Terri Ann is active on social media and regularly shares her journey to inspire others. Read Terri Ann’s Story of Hope, Family History of Lung Cancer