Experts recommend enhanced lung cancer screening, accessible treatments, and increased research funding to prevent deaths and support affected individuals.

A new report looked at ways to improve lung cancer policies in the United States. It was created by experts in lung cancer. The report gives advice to make progress against the disease. This includes better screening to find lung cancer early, access to newer treatments, and more research funding.

The experts want screening to be easier to get for those at high risk. New tests can find lung cancer early when it may be curable. But screening rates are very low, especially in rural areas. Also, newer treatments help people live longer. But they are expensive, so not everyone who could benefit is getting them.

The report asks the government and health groups to take big steps against lung cancer. This means more screening programs, lowering treatment costs, and more research money to find cures. Following this advice could prevent many lung cancer deaths. It would also support patients and families facing the disease.

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