Detection Testing

Researchers developed a test detecting proteins in blood that indicate lung cancer spread, promising for early metastasis detection and treatment guidance.

Researchers have identified proteins in blood samples that could act as early warning signs for lung cancer spreading in the body. The proteins are made by tumors and enter the bloodstream. High levels of these proteins could mean the lung cancer is more likely to spread, or metastasize.

The researchers developed a special testing method to detect these proteins in blood samples from lung cancer patients. They identified over 30 proteins linked to whether lung tumors had spread to other parts of the body. Five proteins in particular stood out as markers of metastatic lung cancer. Detecting these metastatic protein markers early on could help doctors predict which lung cancer cases will become advanced and spread. This could guide treatment decisions and improve outcomes.

The protein testing method still needs more research but shows promise as a non-invasive way to monitor lung cancer progression and catch metastasis sooner.

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