Living with Lung Cancer

At 22, Leah Hubbard faces advanced lung cancer potentially linked to teenage pregnancy, challenging assumptions about the disease and raising awareness.

Leah Hubbard is a young mom from the UK. When she was 18 she got pregnant and had her first baby. Now at age 22, she has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. Doctors think her lung cancer could be linked to having a baby at a young age while her body was still developing.

The type of lung cancer Leah has usually affects older smokers. But some recent research has shown that women who get pregnant as teenagers, under age 20, may have a higher chance of getting lung cancer at a young age in the future. Scientists think pregnancy may cause changes in the lungs while they are still growing.

Leah’s cancer is very advanced and has spread in her body. She is getting chemotherapy treatment and trying some alternative therapies as well. Leah hopes to see her daughter grow up even though the cancer is very serious. Her story is raising awareness about the potential link between young pregnancy and risks for certain health conditions like lung cancer later in life.

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