Early onset of menstruation and menopause may increase women’s lung cancer risk, suggesting a possible hormonal influence; further research is needed.

A recent study looked at if the age when a woman gets her first period or goes through menopause impacts her chance of getting lung cancer later on.

They compared over 800 women with lung cancer to over 1,500 similar women without lung cancer. The study found that women who started their periods at a young age (under 12 years old) were more likely to develop lung cancer. Going through menopause early, before age 45, also raised a woman’s risk of getting lung cancer. Having both an early first period and early menopause increased lung cancer risk even more. Researchers think hormones play a role, but more studies are needed. Still, these findings suggest that reproductive history may impact some women’s likelihood of getting lung cancer.

Understanding risks is important for awareness and early detection. More research can help explain if or how early periods or menopause raise lung cancer risk for women.

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