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Dato-DXd shows promise in treating advanced “HER2-low” lung cancer, slowing progression and potentially extending survival.

A new drug called datopotamab deruxtecan (Dato-DXd) is showing great potential for treating a difficult form of lung cancer. This type of cancer, called “non-small cell lung cancer” (NSCLC), often spreads to other parts of the body, making it harder to treat.

Currently, chemotherapy is the standard treatment for advanced NSCLC. However, a recent study found that Dato-DXd was more effective than chemotherapy at slowing down the progression of the cancer. This means patients taking Dato-DXd lived longer without their cancer getting worse.

The study specifically looked at patients with “HER2-low” NSCLC. HER2 is a protein that can fuel cancer growth, and patients with low levels of this protein typically have limited treatment options.

While more research is needed, these early results are exciting for both doctors and patients. Dato-DXd could offer a new and more effective treatment option for people with this challenging form of lung cancer, potentially extending their lives and improving their quality of life.

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