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What Do I Need to Know About Clinical Trials?

Many patients benefit greatly from clinical trials. Oftentimes finding the “right fit” can be overwhelming, but there is a website that has all ongoing clinical trials in the United States available to you in one central data base. This site can be used as a guide for you. By simply searching for the terms that explain your diagnosis (non-small cell lung cancer, small cell lung cancer, etc.) this will then bring up all available trials that you may qualify for. Print the trials that look appealing to you and then speak to your doctor regarding them. This can be helpful. Never forget, you are the most important element in the treatment of YOU!

If you and your doctor find a clinical trial that suits you, don’t be discouraged if the trial is offered in another state than where you reside. There are several different foundations that may be able to help with transportation and hotel accommodations. NO treatment should be unreachable. Oftentimes, the facility offering the clinical trial has discounted, or free airfare and hotel connections.

For information about support programs to help you find and get to any clinical trials that might benefit you, please click on the link below:

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Search for Clinical Trials with Antidote Match™

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